The supervisory body of the IJA

Board of Managers

Hon. Vicki L. Carmichael
Judge, Clark Circuit Court #4

Vice President
Hon. Darrin M. Dolehanty
Judge, Wayne Superior Court No. 3

Hon. Heather A. Welch
Judge, Marion Superior Court

Past President
Hon. John R. Pera
Judge, Lake Superior Court, Civ. Div. #6

District 1
Judge Sheila Moss
District 2
Judge Jeffrey W Clymer
District 3
Judge Elizabeth Cardwell Hurley
District 4
Judge William Fee
District 5
Judge Thomas J. Felts
District 6
Judge Daniel Banina
District 7
Judge Stephanie S. Campbell

District 8
Judge Kimberly S. Dowling
District 9
Judge Bob A. Witham
District 10
Judge Kimberly A. Bacon;
Judge Alecia A. Gooden
District 11
Judge Mark A. Smith
District 12
Judge Matthew Headley
District 13
Judge R. Kent Apsley

District 14
Judge Clay Kellerman
District 15
Judge Andrea McCord
District 16
Judge Andrew Adams
District 17
Judge Leslie Shively
District 18
Magistrate Mary A. DeBoer
District 19
Magistrate Kimberly D. Mattingly
District 20
Senior Judge G. Thomas Gray
District 21
Judge Paul D. Mathias


At-Large Members
Judge Mark E. Spitzer
Judge Jeffrey L. Biesterveld
Judge Christopher A. Newton
Judge J. Terrence Cody
Judge John M. Marnocha

Ex Officio Members
Chief Justice Loretta H. Rush, Chief Justice of Indiana
Chief Judge Nancy H. Vaidik, Indiana Court of Appeals